We are a premier manufacturer of cell culture products and especially recognized for its broad range of human primary cellsstem cells and blood cells, as well as optimized products for cancer cell culture, including kits for 3D cell culture.


Under our PromoKine brand, we offer a comprehensive range of well-proven cell biology assays such as kits and reagents for cell analysisapoptosis researchcell transfectionfluorescent labellingmycoplasma detection and elimination as well as numerous antibodies, ELISAs, cytokines and growth factors.

PromoCell Academy

The experienced lecturers at the PromoCell Academy are there to provide you with state-of-the-art insight and up to date trends in the Life Sciences in a professional and hands-on setting.


Under our PromoCell brand, we offer a broad range of human primary cells, stem cells and blood cells, as well as optimized products for cancer cell culture, including kits for 3D cell culture. PromoCell supports your research with cells, cell media and kits of consistently excellent quality. Because our cells are accurate physiological models, you can be sure that they provide optimal results. And because our products are 100 per cent reliable, you are certain to meet all quality standards.

Our PromoKine cell biology products enable more in-depth analysis of your cells in culture, offering quality kits and reagents for cell biology, such as antibodies, ELISAs, cytokines, and growth factors. We look forward to fresh insights, advances and innovations from our research partners involved in cell analysis, cell transfection, and fluorescent labelling.

Along with our certified, high-quality products, we offer professional training to help you deepen your scientific knowledge and sharpen your practical skills. We created the PromoCell Academy in 2004. Here you can attend courses on state-of-the-art trends, providing insights into the life sciences in a hands-on setting. You can choose from a growing collection of courses in German as well as in English.

Modern developments in cell culture encourage us to look ahead to the next century, too. Our mission is to accompany you in your search for answers to age-old and new questions. As the research community continues to pursue discovery, we at PromoCell are here to empower your progress, and to contribute to scientific understanding.

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