Cancer media toolbox

PromoCell has developed a toolbox of cancer cell media to establish primary cancer cell lines from biopsies, develop 3D tumor models or build screening assays. Below you find the different application areas to discover solutions for your workflow and choose the right medium or combination of media to leverage your cancer research.

3D cancer model

An easy way to establish a 3D cancer model from cell line or biopsy. Use the media toolbox to establish assay panels for drug discovery and to develop complex 3D models.

Cancer stem cell selection

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are the tumor initiator and driver. Our toolbox conventiently selects CSCs and establishes healthy and defined patiend-derived cancer cell lines.


From biopsy to assay

Are you working with patient-derived cancer cultures? Find out, how our toolbox helps you in setting up such cancer models and build advanced assays from your biopsy.

Making best use of your PDX mouse

The PDX mouse is the working model for cancer therapies. The toolbox helps leveraging your PDX mouse project for better decision making and translation into clinic.

Extracellular vesicles in cancer

You are investigating EVs in cancer biology or using them in diagnostics or drug delivery? Our toolbox gives you an edge. Check out our EV-depleted and GMP-compliant media.



CAR-T and TCR cell therapies have seen the light of modern cancer treatment. Not only the T cell but also the proper cancer target cell, decide over the success in the clinic.

The toolbox consists of three media, which all support and maintain cancer stem cells in a cancer cell culture. The choice of the medium allows to control, which additional types of cancer and non-cancer cells are supported or vice versa, which cell types will not grow in the medium. Depending on the medium and cancer type, 2D or 3D cell cultures can be generated.

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